Strategy/ objectives/ Core Value/Culture

Strategy 1  Developing the university into an Ettakka and producing professional graduates
Strategy 2 Create national and international research and innovation for the quality of life. Sustainable economies and societies
Strategy 3 Build relationships with networks and expand international recognition.

Faculty of Science and Technology’s objectives
1.  To produce Science and Technology’s Graduates who have Quality and Standard as suitable with high vocational.
2. To develop and high vocational by focus on education chance in higher education for develop the potential of human resources.
3. To Research and Development about Science and Technology for instruct Local improvement to Sustainable Promote.
4. To inform about Science and Technology Knowledge which Suitable Thai Social.
5. To Academic Development which can useful for Local and Social.

Core Value

R  (Resilience)
I   (Integrity)

S  (Social Responsibility)
E  (Excellence)


S = Smart

S = Sincerity

R = Responsibility

U = Unity